Chris Fernandez

Candidate for Serrano Park Community Association Board of Directors, 2021-2022

Why would you like to serve as a board member?

My wife and l have been residents of Serrano Park for 8 years. I believe it’s time for a change in our board and a refresh set of ideas, perspectives and energy infused into the community. Our residents deserve a board willing to be a team with the community, to listen to and address concerns, as well as proactively protecting our community assets.

What is your background?

Previously I served for 4 years on the HOA in our former residence Ladera Ranch. l’m very familiar working with property management, homeowners, and other board members. l also have a strong understand of basic services (plumbing, electrical blueprints, etc), which I feel is a valuable asset in managing contractors and community maintenance needs.

What is your vision for the community and what would you like to accomplish during your term of office?

My vision for SP is simple, continue to have SP a place people want to live with their families. This happens by keeping our asset maintained and updated. Committees are a critical aspect in maintaining the budget and providing focus on key areas of concern for the community. The CC&Rs could use a good review and possible updating as well. They’re ~40 years old. items such as, requiring board and committee members to be homeowners, extending to a 2-year tenure and reviewing staggering of terms as a few items. l would like to be part of a pro-active and not reactive board which controls cost through maintenance. l welcome the opportunity to serve our wonderful community.