Site Scope

Anything that may be of interest to the entire Serrano Park Community.

  • Blog posts are for time sensitive news and are posted in the right column of each page. These can be searched or listed by category.
  • Articles are for timeless information and are accessed under menu topics.
  • Events are like blog posts but with additional time and place information added and are linked to an Events calendar.
  • Galleries are collections of photos.
  • Documents can be linked to anything published. These must be in pdf format with only a few exceptions. Please reduce the file size when possible.

Rules for publishing on this site:

  • This site is run by a group of site editors.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish anything found to be offensive or caustic.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish anything that does not fit within the scope of this site.
  • No rumors, no social media, no exceptions. All information posted, must be supported where applicable.
  • Articles must state supporting references. Opinions of experienced authorities are helpful but they are not facts. It is OK to publish the current untested consensus as long as it is clearly presented as such. Articles will state their latest revision.
  • Only the author or an editor, can revise any page, post, or document.
  • The author’s permission must be gained to publish or make revisions.
  • Nothing proprietary can be published. (Best Practices – Proprietary information policy.)
  • We intend to keep everything on the site. Old events and project postings will be moved to archive pages in case someone wants to reference them in the future.
  • At this time, we are not willing to open the blog posts for community comment. Subscribers can email comments to the site that will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
  • Answering email feedback is the responsibility of the author of the article or the responsible committee.
  • We are wide open for suggestions for improving the site and would love interesting articles and photos of any type that may be within the scope of the site. Artistic help is also welcome as is site maintenance help.
  • Anyone can send us anything to publish as long as it is within the scope of the site. Submit articles in text format. Attach any photos in high resolution.

Submitting articles, posts, events, or other items to publish:

We lack the time to write publications for people.  Web pages must follow rules to display the information properly on all devices and window shapes.  Text blocks will re-flow to be compatible with different views such as event lists.  As such, it is easiest to use theme blocks, which look nice but are limiting.  Formatting the appearance outside the basic theme is very difficult, time consuming, prone to errors, and vulnerable to hackers.  However, staying within the themed event is very easy to publish and display properly.

To make it easy to publish your material, please submit:

  • Date and time (Events only)
  • Organizer: (Events only) Let’s limit this to Social Committee, HOA Board, and a few others.  The point person for these can forward the email to the proper recipient.  
  • Place (map address) (Used in events)
  • Complete text description.
  • Text excerpt: (used in event and post lists)
  • Featured photo (used in event and post lists)
  • Any other photos (all photos must be high enough resolution that they will display OK.) 
  • Any links that you want to include.

Do not include:

  • email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal information

On behalf of the managing editors, I thank you for your support in our efforts to improve community communication.

Mike Davison, Site Administrator