Coyote Injured with Steel-Jawed Leg Trap

Animal Control was called out today and took away an injured coyote from an embankment in Middle Cipres Chanel. They stated that the coyote’s leg was stripped of skin by an illegal steel-jaw leg trap.  We don’t know any more than that. It was implied that the trap was set on the embankment but we have not been able to verify that. We also don’t know if animal control has the trap in their position.


  • Please pass the word.
  • Remind your kids to stay off the embankments
  • Please be extra vigilant when walking your dogs.
  • If you see a trap, leave it alone and call the Lake Forest Police Services at (949) 770-6011.
  • If you know who is setting these traps, remind them that these traps are highly illegal.

Much more about coyotes in urban areas and what you can do to help HERE …