Irrigation Supply Problem

Update: As of May 29, the water pressure is now fully restored.

We are 8 weeks into a low pressure supply problem for two of our irrigation zones A and N. These supply the water to Sendero Channel and Trabuco between Tranquilo and Via Del Rio.

The water pressure was partially improved 2 weeks ago and our turf is recovering. The pressure is now fully restored.

The issue is that these zones are irrigated with unprocessed water fed by the well located within our community. This well has been shut down for years … a long story. This water line is also fed by unprocessed lake water from a branch off a huge pipe branching off a main line at Irvine Park. It seems that an underground repair is being done on this large pipe that is taking far longer than anticipated. The latest estimate is that the repair should be completed this week and the pressure should be back to normal next week … if the repair works this time. This line also feeds a large water processing center that is currently off-line because of this repair, so the pressure to fix this is already as high as it gets.