Landscape Management Plan

The Landscape Committee is currently updating the way we manage our trees and greenbelts to encompass modern Urban Forest Management techniques. This is a very ambitious undertaking that treats these resources as long term assets with value to the community. This means that we are attempting to take a more proactive approach to managing our Urban Forest. These are HOA assets and we should not be contracting out the responsibility for managing these trees. This also means that the Landscape Committee needs more community involvement in creating a community vision.

This effort is driving several projects.
• Create and maintaining a basic tree inventory database.
• Create and use a basic tree inspection procedure to collect and maintain data for tree inventory maintenance.
• Create and use Best Practices for Urban Forest Management.
• Setup and maintain long-term themes and goals for various greenbelt areas.
• Setup occasional arborist review of our management plan, themes, goals, and the health and hazard of our trees.
• Generate work requests based on management goals, plans, schedules, and tree inspection reports.
• Create long-term budget recommendations and priorities based on the total vision, and long-term goals created.