Street Trees are being trimmed

Today, Andre Landscape will be trimming certain Brazilian Peppertrees. This will be the first time we have contracted tree services to Andre. Please be courteous to their crews.

The complete list and location of the 22 trees to be trimmed is located here. You can click on a tree icon to view the work requested for that tree. No street trees will be removed during this seasonal maintenance performed by Andre.

However, we have some sidewalk and curb damage that the city arborist will be looking at soon and we may loose a couple of street trees at that time. This year, such trees will be evaluated by this arborist and a determination will be made if the tree can be saved by trimming the roots or if it must be removed. The city will perform the needed work, which is also different this year. In past years, we were not given these options and were required to remove these trees at our expense. We do not have the dates for the sidewalk and curb repair services yet.