June 3rd, Monthly Landscape Walk-Through

By Shannon Ratcliffe

We have a new team at Harvest who are committed to our beautiful landscape.

Last Thursday, June 3, the Board of Directors, Keystone Management, Harvest Landscape, and neighbors, walked our Serrano Park property. After a 2+ hour walk through our community, it was very apparent that a lot of work needs to be done. With 14 controllers, 343 valves, and an estimated 8,000 sprinklers, plus 32 acres of outdoor areas to maintain with about 1500 trees, the Serrano Park landscaping is TOP of mind for everyone involved.

We have a new team at Harvest who are committed to our beautiful landscape.  We noted trees of concern, trees that needed staking, areas of dry patches, areas of missing plants, and truly, every thing that could be noted, was noted.    

Harvest “owns” that the Serrano Park outdoor spaces are in need of repair and maintenance upgrades, and that timely maintenance is essential.  
So, here is what we can expect: 

  • Harvest has begun the trimming, pruning, fixing and repairs. But, expect to see “under construction”, or “in progress signs” popping up around the neighborhood as they take on several key concern areas. 
  • Harvest will begin replacing plants that are under “warranty” and we should begin seeing more plants being planted
  • Harvest will communicate with Keystone on a constant basis with updates to the board of directors and Landscape Advisory Group.  From meetings to walk-throughs of our spaces, Harvest will take a  front and center roll with our community. 
  • Overall, as a community, we all agree that the Serrano Park outdoor spaces are vital for the health and well being of our neighborhood. This is not an overnight project by Harvest Landscape, but a commitment of dedication to improving our community now. 

If you see an area of concern, and would like to voice your concern, please direct emails to Keystone.

Introducing Travis Gillespie, Division President South Orange County, Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.

Travis is our new Harvest Representative. Travis Gillespie is an industry leader with more than 20 years of professional experience in landscape and construction management. He is passionate about the Green Industry with a strong desire to lead teams, share knowledge, and create transparent relationships with clients and employees.

Primarily focused on South Orange County Operations, Gillespie’s deep understanding of landscape operations and methodical approach to logistics has excelled him in running some of South Orange County’s most prominent communities and commercial developments. He is a graduate of California State University Long Beach with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

Walk-Throughs generally take place on the first Thursday of every month.