Mulch, and More Mulch

By Mike Davison

Mulch is important for protecting roots, feeding trees and shrubs, helping with weed control, reducing erosion, and retaining water. We have been falling behind on this lately. Harvest has been catching back up with an impressive effort. Besides manually spreading mulch in those hard to get places, they brought in the big guns, literally.

To my knowledge, we have never had mulch blowing trucks here before, and WOW are they impressive.

These machines can evenly shoot enough mulch to cover an entire embankment in minutes. The process is very impressive to watch.

Most of our embankments have never had mulch on them because it is simply too difficult and hazardous to spread manually.

Harvest arranged for 2 full trucks to spread mulch as far as their hoses would reach.

The mulch used was of course, the very high quality mulch made by Harvest from select tree and brush trimmings. In this way, we get quality mulch at a very low cost. Harvest has purchased their own mulch blowing truck but it hasn’t been delivered yet so Harvest arranged for this service.

Hopefully, this will become an annual service.

There is a lot more about our mulching practices here: Mulching