Landscape Enhancement Project 2

Lower Cipres Park

This area includes: (see projects map)

  • All of Lower Cipres Channel
  • The HOA area at the end of Calle Celeste
  • The parkway at the entrance to Lower Cipres Channel
  • The parkway across the street at the entrance to Middle Cipres Channel
  • The raised flat area at the entrance to Middle Cipres Channel


  • We will be removing all of the turf in the project area.
  • All plants used will be low water use plant species, most of which are already in use in our green areas.
  • A decomposed granite patio area will be added in the shade of the Tipuana Tipu trees for use as a general use gathering area.
  • 2 bench areas will be added in the shade positioned for garden viewing. The bench costs are not included in this project.
  • The shade areas will be planted with shrubs and plant accents appropriate to the shade.
  • The parkways on Paseo Sombra within the project area will be planted with trample tolerant ground cover.
  • The bowl shaped area will be made into a rock garden containing some accent plants and ground covers. The irrigation in the bowl will be rotary head sprayers.
  • The turf area surrounding the bowl will be replaced with a butterfly garden arranged with seasonal and evergreen plants in such a way as to provide stunning views all year round, yet require minimal maintenance.
  • Palo Verde trees will be added as accents to the butterfly garden.
  • The existing shrubs and trees will remain, but will be irrigated with drip and heavily mulched. Adding plants to the gaps in these areas is not part of this project but is planned in future low cost projects.
  • A decomposed granite path will join the sidewalk on Calle Celeste to the main Lower Cipres Park path.
  • The parkway and shade landscape on the Middle Cipres side, will match the Lower Cipres Park.
  • The parkway on Calle Celeste will be a mulch-filled swale with accent shrubs. We plan to add Crape Myrtle trees at a later time. The current parkway trees are dying.
  • The remaining landscape on Calle Celeste will be similar to those used in Project 1 full sun area.

Project Information:

  • Total Area: About 33,500 sq-ft
  • Cost: $144,339
  • Rebate: $144,339
  • Net cost to HOA: $0
  • Status: (updated Jan 28, 24)
    • Planning Stage – Completed
    • Board Approval – Approved
    • Rebate Application – Approved and Funds Secured
    • Project Started – Demo turf 1/26/24
    • Project Completion – Projected mid May

NOTE: As with all of these projects, to stay within budget we are planting small, young plants and trees. There will be weeds to maintain and the areas may appear sparse for a year or two as the plants, ground cover, and mulch, mature. Please be patient as these newly planted areas grow and establish into the stunning areas as planned.