Abeto Park Upgrade Project

NOTE: This project was effectively canceled by the Board of Directors on February 25, 2021. Because of California State mandates introduced in 2022, nearly half of the turf in this park cannot be irrigated. As such, a version of this project is being considered for 2024.

Described here is the original 2021 project. The newer version is expected to be similar but the costs and rebates have been greatly increased.

The Abeto Park (located on Paseo Abeto where Pool 2 is located) is a popular open turf area for our members to enjoy.  It was planted long before droughts and water usage were an issue.  The appearance of large turf areas is attractive but also somewhat dated in park styles today.  Much of the grass areas are little used and costly to maintain.  The current irrigation plan is not compatible with a proper drought plan that can keep the trees healthy while reducing turf watering.  This is also our largest water consumption area because of the large percentage of turf. 

With the rebates and incentives that are currently available, we have the opportunity to greatly upgrade and improve the community value of this park.  This project will give a $125,000 facelift and modernization to Abeto Park at NO COST TO THE HOA and would reduce future irrigation maintenance costs and water costs.

In the current version, this project will convert a bit less than 50,000 square feet of high maintenance turf to low water usage plants and mulch with drip irrigation. The large oval turf area will remain untouched. The plan calls for adding pathways, benches, picnic tables, and a small outdoor meeting area as indicated in the above map overlay. No trees will be disturbed and several will be added.

This project makes use of available rebates to fully fund this project. The Landscape Committee has been working very hard with Harvest (our landscape contractor) over the past several months to put this plan together. The responsibility of applying for this project, funding it, and ensuring that it meets the requirements for the rebate, is the responsibility of Harvest. Harvest is only paid if the rebates are received.

Design Constraints:

  • Project cost cannot exceed incentives and rebates.
  • Decomposed granite pathways for minimal cost.
  • Irrigation zones cannot be split between turf and non-turf
  • Drip irrigation

We Must Act Fast

  • Rebate funds are limited. – First come, first serve basis until funds are gone.
  • Project must be completed within 60 days of IRWD approval to receive rebate.
  • Rebate period ends June 30. These rebate programs will probably be renewed for the next year in some form starting July 1, but no guarantee, and it is also likely that the refund amounts may be reduced.

Plan Timetable

  • This project is currently on hold, awaiting the HOA Board approval to proceed. They need more time to look over the plan details and community consensus.
  • Once approved, Harvest will write up and submit the plan to IRWD for approval. (3 to 6 weeks)
  • IRWD will review the plan, and inspect the property for rebate compliance. (2 to 6 weeks)
  • Upon receiving the rebate approval, the rebate will be guaranteed for 60 days. The work must be completed by then or a time extension must be filed and approved. During this time, small changes to the plan can be made as long as the rebate approval parameters are not changed.
  • Upon completion of the rebate requirements, IRWD will inspect the property and release the funds. (2 to 3 weeks) Finishing certain parts of the project, such as finishing pathways and installing benches need not be completed before the project is ready for final inspection by IRWD.

Project Transparancy

As progress and changes are made, the Landscape Committee will update this webpage and map. You can always contact us using the link at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions, we are not able to hold in-person meetings on this project as we would prefer.

Rebate References

Low water use landscape example with decomposed granite pathway: