Special Ballot – May 26, 2022

Special Ballot Regarding Election Bylaw Changes

Voting took place on May 26, 2022

RESULTS: The measure did not pass.

  • Total number of members: 593
  • Total number of ballots received: 311
  • Total number of ballots validated: 302
  • Total number of ballots required for a quorum: 297
  • Total number of Yes votes required to pass the measure: 297
  • Yes votes: 251
  • No votes: 51

Approval statistics for the Measure:

  • 52.4% of the members (homeowners) returned ballots.
  • 42.3% approval, based on member total. ( >50% needed to pass )
  • 83.1% approval, based on participating ballots.

Special Ballot Regarding Election Bylaw Changes

 All Serrano Park homeowners received a Special Ballot from Keystone Pacific Management Company at the request of the Serrano Park Board of Directors regarding two important election bylaws. These changes are necessary to ensure that the majority of the homeowners elect the board of directors and that there is continuity in the board from year to year. The first is changing from cumulative voting (a homeowner may cast all votes for one candidate) to no more than one vote per candidate, just as in all public elections for government positions. The second is to change from a one-year term of office for all five board seats to staggered two-year terms, i.e., not all five seats will be open for election each year.

These provisions of the Bylaws and CC&Rs (Covenants Conditions and Restrictions) for the Serrano Park Community Association have not been updated since first recorded in 1976 by S&S Construction Company when the community was established.  One of the goals of the current board is to review and update these documents. The election bylaw changes are the first of this updating.

The Board has deemed this vote on the proposed Bylaw amendments necessary at this time so these essential changes can be in effect for the upcoming 2022 Board election in September. A majority of the lots (at least 297 of the 593) must vote Yes to pass these important updates.  We strongly urge you to vote on the proposed bylaw changes when you receive your ballot and return it promptly in its enclosed prepaid mailing envelope. As with all Serrano Park elections, it is a Secret Ballot.

Thank You.
Board of Directors
Serrano Park Community Association