Annual Election – Oct 6, 2022

Election Results

Ballots Received: 327

Board Members:

  • Stephen P. Beever: 338
  • Kathy Davison (Incumbent): 253
  • Chris Fernandez (Incumbent): 273
  • Stephen T. Ford (Incumbent): 252
  • Alan Selleck (Incumbent): 234
  • Mark Winters (Incumbent): 255
  • Create Staggered Terms: Yes: 267, No: 54, Failed to achieve a majority.
  • Remove Cumulative Voting: Yes: 241, No: 81, Failed to achieve a majority.
  • IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604: Yes: 231, No: 12, PASSED
  1. Create Staggered Board Terms: This will amend a current Bylaw to MAINTAIN CONTINUITY with our Board of Directors from year to year. It changes a one-year term for all board members to two-year staggered terms. We must stop turning our entire board over year after year. This will ensure greater continuity and consistency in the governance of our association.
  2. Remove Cumulative Voting: This will amend the current Bylaw to “Traditional Voting”. It converts “Cumulative voting”, the ability to vote five votes for one candidate, to “Traditional voting” MAJORITY RULE, one vote per candidate. This will replicate every City, County, State, and Federal election to one vote per candidate, based on the number of positions open.