News and Information Management Change

We are scrambling to bring our news up to date and there is a lot in this current edition.  I sincerely apologize for the long dry spell of news.  Please note that we are very understaffed and are working to correct some of that. 

We are in the process of changing the management of this newsletter and website to be more inclusive of the community while attempting to remaining independent. To this end, we are now managed by a team of editors to make certain that the site represents the needs of the community. The site content is no longer managed by a single person, but rather by a diverse group. Going forward, we will try to include representatives from most Committees if we can.

  • Jo Ann Ford – Managing Editor, Board of Director News
  • Judi Glass – Managing Editor, Social Committee News
  • Patty Chiah – Managing Editor, Landscape Committee News
  • Mike Davison – Site administrator

Please note that we are still looking for more help.

Mike Davison