Special Ballot

You will be receiving a special ballot in the mail from Keystone addressing some badly needed  changes to our HOA bylaws. This is very important so please watch for it, and vote. Your completed ballot needs to be received by May 27, so if you are like me, … out of sight, out of mind.  Please do not delay and vote as soon as you receive it.

This special ballot election is the most ambitious voting campaign this HOA has ever attempted.  We need a majority of the homeowners to vote yes to pass these changes which has never been accomplished in the history of our HOA.  (Which is why our bylaws and CCRs are 40 years out of date.)  To put that in perspective, in the last Board of Directors election, slightly more than 50% of our homeowners voted for the first time in our HOA history.  We now need at least 50% of our homeowners to vote AND agree that these changes are needed.

To pass,
these changes need 297 YES votes
Out of 593 possible!!!

We plan on posting the actual text of the proposed bylaw changes as soon as they are released.

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