The Serrano Park Community Website has Grown

The Serrano Park Community website has grown a lot. This website now contains:

  • Over 200 pages
  • An event calendar with event management tools
  • News Posts
  • Article pages
  • A pdf document viewer
  • Galleries
  • Contact and signup Forms
  • Map and table integrations
  • Automated TOC pages
  • An integrated newsletter

Both the Landscape and Social Committees have been using these capabilities for various purposes:

  • Improving transparency.
  • Informing our community of important news and events.
  • Expected performance standards for vendors.
  • Document Committee procedures, guidelines, and goals.
  • Urban Forest Management Tools, References, and Resources. Basically, we are trying to document what works to help future Committee members continue our efforts without having to start from scratch.

With growth, information and referenced resources have been harder to find. During this past year, we have been working on improving this by making better use of automated tables of contents and parent page structures. Lately, we have started gathering all links and documents to a References section. This combined with a site map and search feature, we can all find things easier.