Landscape Committee Update

The Serrano Park landscape committee continues to work diligently to support the landscaping needs of our community.  Below are just some of the tasks they have been working on:

  • Planted 15 new trees throughout the community.  The main greenbelt (the greenbelt which starts at Sombra and ends at Tranquilo) has 3 new Stone Pine trees, 1 Brisbane Box tree, 1 Canary Pine tree, 2 Podocarpus trees, and 3 California Live Oak trees.  There are 3 new California Pepper trees in front of the Abeto park tennis courts and 2 new Torrey Pines in the Sendero channel (the channel which runs from Pradera to Arboleda).
  • Planted Agave americano ‘Century’ plants along with Salvia plants on 2 slopes at the entrance to the Middle Cipres channel at Tranquilo (the channel which runs from Sombra to Tranquilo, parallel to Paseo Cipres.  These new plants will help with soil erosion on these bare slopes which were damaged by children playing in these areas.
  • Mulch has been installed throughout the community.  This is done twice a year per our contract with Harvest landscaping.
  • In addition to Harvest severely trimming pack plants to allow for new, healthy growth, Harvest has gone throughout the community removing hundreds of small volunteer Mexican Palm trees.  The seeds of these palms are spread by birds and can grow up to 50 feet tall or more.  If not removed, these trees will drastically change the landscape of our community.
  • Spring tree trimming will commence in March.  Great Scott tree service has been trimming our trees, except the Brazilian Pepper street trees, for the past 3 years and has been approved by the board to trim our trees in 2022 and 2023. They will also remove 2 large trees which have become a hazard to homeowners.

The landscape committee urges homeowners to contact them with questions and/or concerns.  They can be reached through our Keystone property management company via their website or directly at and selecting Contact Site Admin at the bottom of the home screen.

Patty Cheah