Large Tree Maintenance

By Dave Forrest

Two to three times a year the Landscape Committee (LC) of the Serrano Park Community Association (SPC) walks and reviews the Trees through-out the association’s entire 32 acres of green common areas. The committee does this along with Arborists from Great Scott Tree Service, who is the contracted vendor responsible for maintaining the association’s trees over 15 feet in height. (Trees of 15 feet or shorter are maintained by a separate vendor who also manages the grounds). The goal of the review is to assess the condition of each tree, identifying its location, estimated size, the species (there are well over 40 different species within the Serrano Park Common Areas), the estimated health along with the life and any work that is required during the next twelve months. A summary of the work is determined by the LC, an estimate for the work is provided by the vendor, the LC compares the estimate to the maintenance budget, the LC provides a recommendation of work required and the HOA Board makes the final decision with the budget dollars available.

The reason these processes and tasks are performed is because TREES are considered ASSETS owned by the HOA. They have a significant impact on the appearance and beauty of the association and therefore influence the value shared by every homeowner in the equity we enjoy in our properties.

Last January 2020, during the walk & review, the Landscape Committee & Arborists identified many trees requiring maintenance pruning, 20 trees were determined to require removal with 5 more removed throughout the year as needed. The reasons for removal varied from health, end of life and proper spacing when trees were small but became in competition with one another for sun, water, and space as they became larger. The city also requires some trees removed because of root damage to the sidewalks. The work estimates were within budget, the work was approved by the Board and performed by the vendor with LC oversight.

On January 4th,2021, the Landscape Committee again performed the annual SPC Tree Walk and review. Because of the effective work performed in 2020 it was determined that “no” trees will need to be removed during budget/calendar year 2021. A similar amount of maintenance pruning that was performed in 2020 will need to be performed in 2021.

You may have noticed the improvements over the past 2 years to the maintenance of the green common area trees & street tree-lines:

  • Improved “Trimming & Removal decisions”. (Reduced wind damage, large branch failures and healthier trees through-out the association) 
  • Improved “Mulch Tree Ring” practices. (Improving appearance and root health w/more planned)   
  • Improved “Staking” practices of young trees. (Improving stability & appearance w/more planned)    

The above has been accomplished because the Landscape Committee was tasked by the HOA Board with developing a long-term landscape management vision and plan that would achieve the following:

  • Create a comprehensive long term “urban forest vision” that is community supported.
  • Improve management techniques in-order to sustain our green areas and progress toward that vision.  
  • Recommend actions and budgets to the HOA Board and oversee implementation of approved work.
  • Review, measure, and report progress towards the established vision.
  • Provide updates and recommend adjustment to the long-term vision as needed.  

Thanks for your interest in the Serrano Park Landscape and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions via the following:

Sincerely, The Landscape Committee