Request for Community Help

The Landscape Committee is very understaffed for the projects we are attempting. We really need several additional committee members to help with various projects. We also need people to help keep an eye on our greenbelt assets and to report issues. Several people have expressed interest in helping, but do not want to join the committee. With approximately 1500 trees and 32 acres to manage, we can use all the help we can get.
A partial list of current projects:
• Create a long term management plan
• Create Best Practices guidelines for all aspects of landscape management
• Tree Inventory project
• Tree Inspection project
• Street tree project
• Slope drainage repair
• Convert to reclaimed water
• Irrigation controller upgrade
• Infestation and pathogen management
• Tree maintenance plans and management.
• Contractor work inspections

To learn more about what we are attempting to accomplish, to be added to more detailed email news announcements, or to participate in this effort, please contact us.