The HOA is Trimming Trees This Week

Week of March 21-25

Great Scott Tree Service will be trimming 275 of our larger trees this week through out the HOA. 

Please use caution when you see their signs.

This is part of our long-term project to maintain the health of our trees while minimizing tree risks.  Our HOA owns about 1500 trees.  Roughly 1200 of these are taller than 15 feet and are trimmed on a rotating 3-year schedule, with some trees being trimmed each season.  Certain trees in higher risk areas (such as close to property lines, streets, and paths), are closely monitored and may get additional attention.  Smaller trees and street trees are maintained differently.  Small trees receive more attention toward structural corrections to reduce issues as they grow.  Our street trees are past their prime and are receiving care in an effort to minimize stress and prolong life as best we can.

Diligent tree maintenance through scheduled attention prolongs the life of the tree by reducing the stress caused by large crown removals, corrects structural issues early, and greatly reduces wind damage and branch failure risks.  The practice of only trimming the trees that need it, long-term planning projects, and minimizing the future need for radical maintenance, has not only improved the health of our trees, but has also reduce our maintenance costs.

Dave Hart, Landscape Committee