Thanks for the Urban Forest Management Lessons

Few people understand how much we have changed in the way we manage our large trees these days and how much Scott Griffiths of Great Scott (and others) have taught us in the Landscape Committee that influences this.  The net results are a greatly reduced rate of large tree removal while continuing to manage risks, reduce maintenance costs, and a grow our canopy.  We now trim only the street trees that need it.  We no longer manage trees by near-term costs, but for the long-term picture, or at least we try to.  I would like to let our community know how far we have come, how much professional arborists like Scott Griffiths and Greg Applegate who really love trees, have taught us, and how much better off we are as a result.

I am very proud to be part of this talented and hardworking team of people that make up your Landscape Committee, and thoroughly enjoy working with our knowledgeable contractors.

Mike Davison