The Baby Eucalyptus Trees are Doing Well

Our eucalyptus seedlings are doing fine thanks to the constant love from Euc Mom (Erentia Gillmer). Many have their true leaves now. Soon they will be ready to be potted. At that time, we will be experimenting with inoculating them using Pisolithus fungi (dog poop fungus). This is a common practice by foresters to greatly improve the survivability of the seedlings when they are finally planted. The seeds and the fungi came from our own embankments.

NOTE: The future of this simulated forest project is in jeopardy without a functioning Landscape Committee, proper slope irrigation, and an urban forest management plan.

The most difficult hurdles to the plan were to collect and grow the seeds, and then to plant, irrigate and care for them until they are self sufficient. A sustainable forest needs all ages of trees so that there are always trees ready to take the place of those we will loose. This takes place naturally in rural forests. Urban forests need help to accomplish this. We call this a simulated forest management plan.