HOA Annual Election


The ballots are arriving by mail, most arrived on Thursday.
Please vote today. If you did not get a ballot or just need some help understanding it, and are a Serrano Park homeowner, please contact Keystone or you can email us at the bottom of the page and we will help.

The HOA Board candidates are:

  • Stephen P. Beever
  • Kathy Davison (Incumbent)
  • Chris Fernandez (Incumbent)
  • Stephen T. Ford (Incumbent)
  • Alan Selleck (Incumbent)
  • Mark Winters (Incumbent)

There are 2 proposed amendments to the By-Laws.   

  • Remove Cumulative Voting
  • Create Staggered Board Terms

These amendments are the same as were voted on during the Special Election earlier this year. The amendments proved to be very popular but not enough people voted to pass them.  TO PASS, THEY REQUIRE A YES VOTE FROM HALF THE HOMEOWNERS.  NOT VOTING IS THE SAME AS A NO VOTE.  For this reason, an extreme effort is being coordinated to try to encourage every homeowner to exercise their right to protect and improve the management of our shared assets and VOTE.

Lastly, there is the same tax question we are asked to vote on every year.

You should have received:

  • A packet of documentation
  • A blank white envelope
  • A manila (yellow) envelope with return address and postage.

In the packet

  • The instructions are on the first page.  Please follow the instructions so that your vote can be validated and counted.  DO NOT MARK ON THE WHITE ENVELOPE.  FILL OUT THE INFORMATION ON THE YELLOW ENVELOPE.
  • The ballot is the last page of the packet. Please, remove it, fill it out, and send in your VOTE.