Special Ballot – 2022

Special Ballot Regarding Election Bylaw Changes

The vote was for a single measure to add 2 changes to the HOA By-Laws. If passed, cumulative voting would have been removed and 2-year overlapping terms of office for board members would have been added. More here.

Voting took place on May 26, 2022

RESULTS: The measure did not pass.

  • Total number of members: 593
  • Total number of ballots received: 311
  • Total number of ballots validated: 302
  • Total number of ballots required for a quorum: 297
  • Total number of Yes votes required to pass the measure: 297
  • Yes votes: 251
  • No votes: 51

Approval statistics for the Measure:

  • 52.4% of the members (homeowners) returned ballots.
  • 42.3% approval, based on member total. ( >50% needed to pass )
  • 83.1% approval, based on participating ballots.