Monarch Environmental Joins our Landscape Management Team

The Board of Directors recently approved a contract to bring Monarch Environmental Services on board to help with our landscape upgrade efforts.  Monarch provides a consulting service specializing in landscape design and project management.  More about them HERE.

Going forward with our turf upgrades, we will be relying on Monarch to help with planning and managing the turf rebate projects.  We believe that this brings additional expertise with checks and balances to these projects as well as additional resources and ideas.  This is in no way a reflection upon our confidence in Harvest or our volunteers, but rather a decision based on our responsibilities to our homeowners.  We expect to have a continuing string of projects to eventually bring approximately 14 acres of turf up to modern water conservation standards while improving the esthetics of the landscape in our community.  At the current rebate values, this can total more than $4M in landscape upgrades spanning several years, at little cost to the HOA.  It is simply not reasonable to leave this responsibility to a committee of volunteers working with a single vendor.  By utilizing Monarch’s expertise, we gain access to multiple contractors with a wider variety of capabilities, bidding on these projects with professional oversight, checks and balances. Nearly all the cost of Monarch’s services will be covered by rebates.

Our green areas are very important to our community as an esthetic and equity shared asset. It is also clear that the climate is changing, and this has direct and indirect impacts our landscape and its value. The Landscape Committee and the Board of Directors, believes that this is the best approach to maintaining, and improving the value of our shared green areas.

The project page for the turf upgrades is located HERE.